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Female Leaders Association for Mentorship And Entrepreneurship (FLAME) wants to ignite Female entrepreneurs and equip them with the know-how and social capital to thrive in industry and in life. 


Together creating markets and opportunities to build stronger communities!

Our Mission

FLAME seeks to help Females who possess an inclination and great ideas for business, but lack the network, resources, and skills to succeed on their own. By providing access to business training, job skills, grants, learning how to build and grow online while creating a social media platforms and more.

Young women blowing confetti from hands.
Our Mission
Beautiful Little Business Woman With Bri

Our Vision

Our vision: starts by recognizing the importance of sound and continuous mentorship, training and encouragement of successful women on this path.  The women of  FLAME will join together to mobilize and pool their resources and expertise to deliver results that stand out. Ultimately, we would like to expand our reach to all those who stand to benefit from our work and support, in order to execute their plans and achieve tremendous positive impacts in their communities.

We Need Your Support Today!

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