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Femmentors - FLAME Social Media Ambassador


awareness for resources to help women in business or starting a business.  


Fem Mentor’s mission on social media.


by using your voice creatively and intentionally online. 


verifiable volunteer service hours.


There is no sign-up, application, or orientation required!

  1. Log in to your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts. You can use any or all of these platforms, and your accounts don’t need to be public or verified to participate.

  2. Complete the actions listed below. You must complete at least 5 Actions to receive verifiable service hours. Be sure to use the hashtag #FemMentorsAmbassador every time you post!


  • Follow Fem Mentors Flame

  • Introduce yourself as a Fem Mentors Flame Social Media Ambassador with a link to in your post.

  • Comment on a post from one of Fem Mentors’s social media accounts.

  • Share a post from one of Fem Mentors’s social media accounts.

  • Tag three friends and challenge them to do the same.

3. Email screenshots of your actions, including your username or handle, to

Don’t forget, each post must include #FemMentorsAmbassador!


All 5 actions = 2 service hours.  Double that = 10 actions = 4 service hours

We are unable to give partial credit.

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